Brand Acquisition Licensing Programs

Through a Brand Acquisition Licensing Program, Perpetual works with you to acquire a portfolio of licenses that allow you to produce, market, and sell approved products bearing another company's trademarks. In exchange for the right to leverage those brands, you pay a fee to the brand owner — typically a royalty, paid as a percentage of your wholesale revenue.

Serving as your licensing agent, Perpetual works in collaboration with your team to create and manage a customized program — one that is specifically designed to achieve your licensing objectives. A Brand Acquisition Licensing Program created by Perpetual supports your company's product development plan and will:

The foundation of Perpetual's work is DIME® (Development, Implementation, Management and Evaluation), a proprietary, four-stage brand licensing process that guides the expert development and detailed execution of our Brand Acquisition licensing programs.

By blending strategic thinking, innovative creativity, a trademarked process and extensive market knowledge, Perpetual develops a licensing plan and executes it brilliantly. Together, we create a portfolio of licensors that help grow your product portfolio, increase your market share, and boost company revenue.