Brand Representation Licensing Programs

Through a Brand Representation Licensing Program, Perpetual works with you to enlist manufacturers (licensees) to produce, market, and sell approved products bearing your brand's name and logo. In exchange for the right to leverage your brand, manufacturers pay you a fee - typically a royalty, paid as a percentage of their wholesale revenue.

Serving as your exclusive licensing agent, Perpetual works in collaboration with your team to create and manage a customized brand licensing program — one that is tailored specifically to achieve your licensing objectives. A Brand Representation Licensing Program managed by Perpetual supports your company's marketing communications program by:

The foundation of Perpetual's work is DIME®‚ (Development, Implementation, Management, and Evaluation), our proprietary four-stage brand licensing process. DIME® guides the expert development and detailed execution of your merchandise licensing program. This proven methodology ensures that you achieve your licensing objectives.

By blending strategic thinking, innovative creativity, a trademarked process and extensive market knowledge, Perpetual develops a strategic licensing plan and executes it brilliantly. Together, we create a portfolio of licensees who leverage your brand's equities to unlock its value and extend it in the form of new products.