A Different Kind of Merchandise Licensing Agency

Perpetual Difference

Perpetual is a different kind of licensing agency, delivering strengths few others can offer. We are brand, marketing and licensing experts who believe in the power of merchandise licensing. We are nimble and progressive, which is why our licensing programs and market launches are some of the most effective in the industry. Most important, we simply love the work we do. Three characteristics differentiate Perpetual from other licensing agencies.

Our Mission

As our name implies, we exist to create long-term, win-win relationships between Brand Owners and Manufacturers, Brands and Consumers, and Perpetual and our Clients. Unlike many other licensing agencies, Perpetual does not seek to extract unreasonably high fees from our clients or prospective licensees. Rather, we approach client's business from a partnership and brand building (or brand protection) perspective, as opposed to building programs solely for revenue generation purposes.

Senior Management

One of Perpetual's key competitive advantages is that senior management works directly on every client’s business, leveraging their many years of experience building and managing multi-million dollar licensing programs. Our management team built the agency because we love licensing and wanted to ensure that we would continue to do the work we love; not managing a team of 20 or 30 less experienced novices. With a team of experts, each with more than ten years of licensing experience, and a selective approach to choosing clients, Perpetual builds some of the most successful licensing programs in the industry.

The DIME® Process

Perpetual is the only licensing agency in the world to have trademarked its business process. The licensing agency operates on the basis of a proprietary, four-step process that ensures strategic program development, enables detailed execution, and reaches your licensing objectives.

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