Perpetual's Leadership (Licensing Agents)

Vicki Engel

Vicki Engel is a highly effective sales and marketing professional skilled at building profitable brand licensing programs and negotiating effective partnerships between brand owners and manufacturers. Over her 12+ year marketing career, Vicki has gained a deep understanding of multiple product categories including: apparel, fashion accessories, jewelry, home furnishings, automotive, and luxury goods.

Vicki's licensing expertise extends to both corporate and fashion brand licensing programs. Prior to Perpetual, Vicki worked at Iconix Brand Group, where she managed the newly acquired $500 million Mudd Jeans brand. Vicki managed the product development, business forecasting and marketing for more than 20 domestic and international licensees. Prior to her work at Iconix, Vicki was instrumental in Jones Apparel Group's launch of its Nine West brand into Asia. At another large licensing agency, Vicki served as Brand Manager for the Jeep corporate licensing program, where she oversaw product development and marketing for more than $450 million in annual retail sales and managed local agents in Australia, China, London, Paris and South Africa.

Throughout her career, Vicki has consistently increased product sales and established lucrative licensing partnerships for well-known brands. Vicki is skilled at working with a variety of clients from those looking to strike a select number of license agreements in key categories, to those whose objectives include a large expansion of its product portfolio through licensing.

Vicki graduated with honors from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Organizational Management.