Licensing Agency Profile

With offices in New York City and Los Angeles, Perpetual Licensing is driven by a team of marketing, brand-building and licensing professionals. The team is comprised (only) of highly accomplished licensing agents, each of whom has more than 20 years licensing experience and are dedicated to unlocking the equity of powerful brands through strategic merchandise licensing.

As dynamic and strategic licensing agency, we believe that brand licensing is a combination of art and science, and that truly great merchandise licensing programs are priceless in today's cluttered market. Our goal is to partner with select brand owners and manufacturers clients who understand and appreciate the power of merchandise licensing, and want our help growing their business.

At Perpetual, we've built a collaborative environment that fosters responsibility, brilliance and passion; one that is agile enough to move swiftly in today's business climate, and resourceful enough to help strengthen the relationship between brand and consumers, and enhance brand value.