DIME® Process for Representation Programs

At Perpetual, the foundation of our work is DIME® (Development, Implementation, Management, Evaluation), a proprietary, four-stage brand licensing process that guides the expert development and detailed execution of our merchandise licensing programs.

DIME®... Our process. Your success.


We start the DIME® process by studying your corporate goals, brand licensing objectives, the marketplace, and your brand to identify the equities that can be leveraged to develop new products. Armed with this information, we create a Strategic Licensing Plan (SLP), which is the blueprint of your program. In the SLP, you'll find a meticulous licensing plan, including detailed recommendations on product categories, distribution channels, and marketing methods.


In the second phase, we implement your Strategic Licensing Plan. First, we select licensees using the customized licensing tools developed during the Development phase. Then we qualify manufacturers, recommending only those licensees best equipped to represent your brand. Upon your approval, we negotiate license agreements on your behalf, ensuring an optimal financial and legal arrangement. Once licensees are on board, we work with your team to educate your licensees about the essence of your brand. We'll also guide the development of licensed products and the production of their collateral materials.


At Perpetual, we professionally manage every aspect of the program - from development to launch. This includes daily interaction with your team and your licensees to ensure that they meet their contractual obligations. Perpetual also administers the royalties, and ensures the proper and timely payment and reporting by licensees.


The final, ongoing phase of DIME® is the monitoring of your brand licensing program. We routinely evaluate the work of each of your licensees, and then strategize ways to improve it. We also assess our own work on the program, ensuring that we fulfill our promise to you. Our goal is to work with you as a team, continually monitoring and improving your licensing program.